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  1. benzkillerz

    MARVEL Future Fight

    Need root devices or no?
  2. benzkillerz

    Payment from America

    too bad... too bad
  3. benzkillerz

    Payment from America

    use payeer instead ur debit card...it takes some time to verify ur credit card, once it done u dont need to wait anymore
  4. benzkillerz

    MARVEL Future Fight

    still working with the latest app store without updating the mod..awesome
  5. benzkillerz

    MARVEL Future Fight

    awesome m8...so i need to redownload the mod or just updated the mff app store
  6. benzkillerz

    MARVEL Future Fight

    the games has been updated to 3.3.1 thanks anyway @Lafko
  7. benzkillerz

    MARVEL Future Fight

    after trying couple of days no problems at all...the overall is really good, hope there is no ban in the end of the month i see some of ur mods on android republic..keep the good work lafko