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  1. Мод работает в: Бобовый стебель Арена Хозяин Слуга Подземный замок В стадиях любой сложности Сумерках богов Эпос героев Битвы за шахты Драконьего города What about clan dungeons? its simmilar to normal dungeons wher this mod works.
  2. @lafko Same here. Game does not start. Just stuck on first screen. Oryginal app works fine.
  3. And now status is pending... How long it can take? Order #5766
  4. I have it every time when I use any of mod option. Few seconds later DC and msg about illegal addon
  5. New game version moded apk wont load...
  6. @Lafko I know this game is server sided and not all things can be done. Most just on client side gameplayes (non live). Do You think You can upgrade this mod with other options? Any futhure plans?
  7. ok, thanks. After restart both devices all works fine.
  8. Dont work.... I use 2 devices and I change HWID (2 times per day - depending on whether I'm playing on a PC or on a phone). Yesterday everything works fine and today, floating menu is missing. I see only my HWID on game screen. I saved few times HWID on the site but it still does not work on both devices.... Any idea whats wrong?
  9. Can I use this mod on two devices? Nox (PC) and phone? Its possible to save in settings 2 different HWID?
  10. Verification of documents (4-24 hours) ?
  11. @Lafko Hello, Please let mw know is possible to pay for vip by paypal or other method? FIrst option of payment dont'work second (payer) ask me about passport pictures....
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