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  • After the purchase, download Loader, move it to any convenient place for you; Run Loader.exe, enter the key that came to your email or you can see the key here;            
  • Click "DOWNLOAD LAUNCHER", after the download is complete, click "START LAUNCHER";
  • After Launcher starts up in the Logs section, your key will be displayed (if not, enter it);
  • Click "Enter", Click on the "Paks" tab;


  • Press the button "Change" (lower right corner);
  • Specify the path to the folder with Paks for example: "D:\Steam\steamapps\Common\PUBG\TslGame\Content\Paks";
  • Turn on the function of your choice;
  • Hovering over the function name shows a detailed description with animation;


  • Press the button ---> "CREATE PAK AND PREHIDE";
  • Must type window appears: 


  • Start the game ---> When the lobby is loaded, in the launcher, click on the button "FULL HIDE";
  • Must messagebox with the text ---> "Pak hiden, Files: 295" ---> Press OK --->This means that the pack successfully disappeared and the software check does not find the modified pak;


  • If the Launcher is not closed, then in the lower right corner, the Launcher will show the status of the pak. (PAK HIDDEN или PAK NOT HIDDEN);
  • Better to close the launcher;
  • After you finish playing PUBG, close the game and launch the Launcher (if it is not running), press the button "UNHIDE PAK AND CLEAR";
  • ATTENTION! Launcher transfers the folder Paks to the root of the disk, so be sure to press the button "UNHIDE PAK AND CLEAR" after exiting PUBG;
  • Before installing the update launcher always click "UNHIDE PAK AND CLEAR", it is necessary to Paks folder is moved back to the root of the game;
  • Enjoy your game and good mood!

What to do if there are problems or errors?

  1. In Launcher, go to settings (spinning gear in the upper right corner);
  2. Press button "Clear PC", after press button  ---> "UNHIDE PAK AND CLEAR";
  3. Make sure that you have the correct path to the Paks folder (If the path changes to "C: \ LauncherLink" when you select the Paks folder, transfer the contents of the LauncherLink folder to the Paks folder before deleting it);
  4. In Steam make Verify Integrity of Game Files Verify Integrity of Game Files - How To's - Knowledge Base - Steam Support  
  5. Next, create a pak according to the instructions;
  6. If you can not solve the problem yourself then write to the technical support section in the Discord channel of the group.

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